Environmental Responsibility

We feel it is important to sell lines that are considerate of our planet in the methods they use to manufacture their products.

At Triangle Tile and Stone of NC we believe in purchasing products that are environmentally responsible.

We feel it is important to sell lines that are considerate of our planet in the methods they use to manufacture their products, reuse or recycle left over materials, and consume energy during production. Many of our tile manufacturers used “green” production methods years before it became popular. We also try to purchase from companies that produce their materials in American factories and studios.

Tile is one of the most earth friendly building materials for several reasons. In many cases, porcelain and ceramic tiles are made from local or re-claimed clay. This creates a smaller carbon footprint because the raw materials don’t have to ship from another location. Many manufacturers also make strong efforts to recycle excess water and clay from production. Tile is also a low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emitting product, so you don’t have to worry about harmful off-gasses in your home.

Hand painted ceramic tiles, glass mosaics, and metal tiles are also great examples of green tiles. Many of our hand painted tile artisans utilize lead-free, non-toxic glazes and fire their materials in natural gas powered kilns. We offer a variety of glass mosaic lines that are made from as much as 80% post consumer recycled glass, such as soda bottles. We also have a decorative metal line that uses 100% recycled metal to create their beautiful accent tiles.

As you can see, at Triangle Tile and Stone of NC, we are very aware of the environment around us and how the vendors we purchase from treat our planet. As consumer demand for green lines has become greater, we are seeing more and more beautiful and creative decorative tiles, as well as porcelain and ceramic filled tiles that come from earth conscience manufacturers. We are always buying new lines and we will continue our efforts to take price, availability, and earth preservation into account when making purchasing decisions. Please ask our interior designers about our green lines when you visit our showroom.

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